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Facility Use Request Form

Click here to print out the form

All facility use requests must be submitted with this form. The Pastor Leadership Team reviews all requests at the weekly staff meetings on Tuesday mornings. Please allow at least two weeks for a decision.
God has blessed Christ Center Community Church with wonderful facilities and property. We want to be generous in sharing our facilities with others and at the same time be good stewards of what God has given us. These two factors guide our policies and procedures for sharing the facility. Primarily, we consider if an event or requested use promotes the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and is in line with our vision and purpose.
All requests will be viewed in light of how they impact our ministry here at Christ Center, and the Church reserves the right to reject any request for facility use. Use of the facility for profit-making ventures of any kind is not allowed. Christ Center activities will take precedence in scheduling.
Weddings and receptions are allowed for members and regular attenders only.
Facility use fees vary depending on the room(s), custodial expenses, equipment, and the hours used.