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Sunday Service Times

Classes for all ages

9:00 a.m.


10:15 a.m.

Main Service

 10:45 a.m.

Prayer Ministry

12 noon


2700 S. Lemay, Fort Collins, CO





I'm New

We're glad you clicked! Come on in. Explore the many features of Christ Center which we offer to serve you and your family. The website is designed to answer the frequently asked questions that first-timers properly may ask before attending. We are excited about what the Lord is doing here. Yet we're sensitive that too much information, too fast, will be overwhelming. So we have put the big stuff first, allowing you to click and go as deeply as you wish to satisfy your need for information. So, welcome. Plunge in and explore. Let us suggest that you bookmark our website, because several clicks down deeper, we have placed many excellent teachings to bless and strengthen you, whether you attend here or not. For example, click on Wondering About God? or  Why Become a Christian? and see what God offers us. God bless you.

Thinking about a first-time visit?

Good! We want your first visits with us to be very positive experiences. Yet we know how people feel about the uncertainties of the "unknown!" So, below we will give you an advance peek through our window. Go ahead, peek.

What door should I use?

Any door will do. The main doors are on the south-west side (facing the mountains, if that helps). Inside, you will find a large Gallery with a Welcome Center for your convenience. Our folks will greet you, and assist you as required. Our nursery is excellent, and located across from the sanctuary. The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful, 12-acre ministry campus at the corner of Lemay and Drake. If you would like an advanced peek at the floor layout, you can click on Ground Level, Upper Level orLower Level. But this may be too much information for you at this point. Feel free to move around and explore.

What should I wear?

Clothes. Style is not an issue here. You'll find our people dress in a broad range of styles, mostly casual, usually comfortable. Jesus is just thrilled that you're here seeking Him. So, whether suit 'n' tie, or Jeans 'n' Crocs, just come and enjoy the Savior's love.

What should I expect?

 As you walk into the Worship Center, you will see people of all ages. We are a "multi-generational family" of believers. Our worship service goes about an hour and a half. We lead you on a three-step journey to bring you into a precious encounter with your heavenly Father. As with the Tabernacle model of worship in the Old Testament, we begin in the "outer court" for connections and joy of gathering. Then we move into the "holy place" for anointed teaching, and finally we share communion together as a way into the "holy of holies" for extended worship and prayer. Our central goal is an authentic encounter with the Lover of our souls.

What Is the Worship Like?

Our style of worship is blended. We have a worship and praise team that serves us with humility but great gifting. You will hear contemporary as well as traditional music, and we value the use of all the arts in worship. Every week is designed to lead you into the presence of God for authentic encounter. When we worship, we seek to minister to the Lord, to bless Him.

What Is the Teaching Like?

Our Senior Pastor, David Niquette (click here for more information on the Pastor's Page), is a teaching pastor. Every Sunday, he provides full sermon notes for everybody, so that we can follow and apply his teaching from the Bible. He is very focused on helping people mature in faith by training them in godliness. He stresses developing Christ-likeness through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. His teaching is deep. He pleads for renewal within the lukewarm "Cultural Christianity" of our day. He does not "dumb down" the Word of God, but preaches with confidence and conviction as one called to represent God uncompromisingly in accurate biblical terms. He believes every word of the Book, and he is absolutely dependent on the Spirit of Truth as his source of power in preaching. He preaches for change. It's about time.

Beyond the Worship Service, what else is there?

Oh, so much! Men's ministry, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Life Groups, Classes, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Healing Place Prayer Ministry, Library and World Impact Missions. Here is where the rest of the website can help you. Also drop by the Welcome Center at the west end of the Gallery on Sunday mornings if you would like more information on any of our ministries.