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Life Group Locations:


1. North Fort Collins

Mike and Cheryl Saurer
6912 Lavina Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524 Map

When We Meet

4th Saturday of the month, 7pm

Contact Us

Fred Urben
Cheryl Saurer


2. North Loveland

Bill & Beth Rodgers
750 East 57th Street
Loveland, CO 80538 Map

When We Meet

2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 6pm

 Contact Us


3. SE Fort Collins

Gary and Marlena Derr
2827 Harvest Park Lane
Fort Collins, CO 80528 Map

When We Meet

3rd Friday of the month, 6:15pm

 Contact Us
970.223.5770 (Susan Simonov)
970.310.9587 (Michael Simonov)



Life Groups:  Fellowship, Designed Around You!

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” Acts2:46B


The Opportunity: Every one of us needs friends - true friends - who love us unconditionally and always tell us the truth. We need friends who know our greatest Friend, and can help us to know and love Him more. As part of the Christ Center partnership, we welcome you to explore one of these groups which meet in your part of the city or here at Christ Center. We call them "Life Groups." They’re designed for YOU!

  • Life Groups are a “footnote” added to the Sunday encounter with Jesus at Christ Center, which helps us grow in our faith and share our love.

  • Life Groups are regular gatherings with about 12 friends to go deeper in our understanding and practical out-workings of our Christian faith in the real world.

  • Life Groups are safe and happy places to explore real questions of life, and to experience a growing spiritual friendship with Jesus Christ together.

  • Life Groups are welcoming places for new people whom we desire to introduce to the Savior, where they can see Jesus in us while they hear about Jesus from us.

What's It Like? Glad you asked. Here are the nuts and bolts of what you will experience.

1. Meetings: Each Life Group decides on the time. Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly is okay.

2. Time-Frame: The group determines how long the meetings will go, about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

3. Location: "Coming to a home near you!' is our intention.  Take a look at the left column on this Life Group web page for details.

4. Leaders: Trained facilitators will bring balance in worship, discussion and prayer. They have the gifts of a shepherd, and will lead gently, steward wisely, and encourage everyone.

5. Participants: Everyone who wants to share this fellowship experience is welcome. That includes singles, couples, whole families, non-churched people, and those who are spiritual investigators. “All” means YOU.

6. Open Format: The order, timing, and emphasis in each meeting is to be Spirit-directed. Generally, you'll experience what we call the “Five Rocks:” Worship, Prayer, the Word, Community, and Ministry (i.e., Mission).

7. Refreshments: Simple "goodies" and beverages or pot-luck meals are welcomed, but optional. The groups will decide for themselves.

8. Children, really? Yes, kids are desired and welcome. These Life groups are designed as a “family.” More information will be shared with you by the group facilitator. Bring 'em!

Sign Up Today: Locations and contact information are posted in the box on the left side of this page.
Summary: The mission of each Life Group is to develop meaningful relationships and also a growing encounter with Jesus Christ in an environment of love, safety and freedom. So that we all may be transformed into His image, and serve Him in the power of the Spirit.