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Where We Meet

2700 S. Lemay, Fort Collins, CO Map

When We Meet

Wednesdays 6:30 am Breakfast. Men's Roundtable with Pastor

Contact Us

Christian Hawkins 970-402-2571, EMAIL


Men's Ministry

At Christ Center, you'll find that a masculine, healthy, vital men's ministry has been intentionally developed. Our men are devoted to Christ and His church. We are active and involved in every aspect of the ministry.

Our men have completed a one year course in leadership through Building Brothers. The result is that men can find at Christ Center a community of mature Christian guys who understand each other and how to help each other grow spiritually. Strong men make for strong churches. Thus, we are addressing with considerable success the recently published scandal of the "feminization" of the American church.

We train, equip, and encourage many of the men to minister in various roles and activities in the church, such as . . .

  • Weekly prayer meetings with the pastor.
  • Men's Round Table fellowship breakfast, Wednesday mornings.
  • Encouragement in mentoring and being spiritual fathers.
  • Deacons who serve in vital ministries.
  • Ministry leadership development.  

We as men are passionate about becoming fully devoted to Jesus, to the point that we share His heart for people -- all people, especially those who are not Christians yet. We challenge and encourage one another to walk in the Spirit in the work place and home, and to listen to the leading of the Lord in sharing our faith as He opens doors.

Please call Christian Hawkins at 402-2571 if you would like more information.