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Pastor's Page

If you are new to our church or website, I'm so glad you're taking the time to become acquainted with Christ Center. Let me introduce myself and my vision for ministry worthy of the Lord we love and serve.

I'm Pastor David Niquette. Just "David" is fine. I've been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years. (See "Pastor David's Background" below*) Never have I enjoyed serving Jesus as much as being right here, right now. I'm so glad to be alive in these challenging days, ministering in this town, partnering with these wonderful people. Something special is unfolding here. We'd love to include you as part of our community of believers as we partner in honoring and serving our soon coming King, Jesus.

Here is a window into my own heart. Prior to my coming to Fort Collins with my wife and three children from Oregon twelve years ago, I had virtually burned out in ministry. I took an entire sabbatical year off to let the Lord recalibrate me inside out. He shared His heart with me for His hurting, often dysfunctional, church, and it broke my heart. I came to the passion, "Jesus, You deserve a better return for all You suffered on the cross!" I am zealous that the Bride of Christ becomes beautiful for our soon returning Bridegroom, Jesus.

During that time, the Lord rebuilt my passion for ministry, and I defined a list of "non-negotiables" that I called My Vision and Passion for Christ's Church. (See below*) When I was a pastoral candidate here at Christ Center, I presented these passion-points as a foundation for my ministry vision and direction. When our congregation voted on the pastor they were deciding on a passion. Over a decade later, we at Christ Center still fully embrace this statement today.

The secret of the full enthronement of Christ in His church is simply this: We must listen. In our church, we say, "Lord, if you speak clearly, we will obey courageously!" God has blessed our obedience. Listening prayer is the growing edge in our unfolding ministry here.

Let me be clear: I am asking our dear folks to do some "hard" things, such as becoming a multi-generational church, of attempting to heal the breach between Evangelicals and Charismatic's, becoming a house of prayer, and advancing and serving a "city church" etc. Our Unique Roll (see below*) may at times seem difficult, but it is worthy of Jesus.

And here is the secret we are learning: If we lay down our lives at the cross, and walk selflessly in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, what for the flesh may seem "difficult," all of a sudden become easy, joyous, and fulfilling! Jesus is worth it. So very worth it. So, we have decided to "become fully devoted to Jesus, and to share His heart for people."

How can we help you? Call me with your spiritual questions (970) 581-5770. I'm easy to talk to. I will keep your confidences, and show you the love of Jesus. May God bless you richly in your own spiritual journey to discover Him.

Pastor David

 Pastor's Study: "Conversations with God"

* Pastor David's Background

* My Vision and Passion

* Our Unique Role