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 What We Believe

We're glad to share with you what we believe. If you click on, Doctrine and Values, you can quickly review our formal statement of faith. That may be all your looking for. You may want to bookmark this website and come back as you desire to get more. We don't want to overwhelm our website visitors, but we are excited about what God is doing here, and believe in making as full a disclosure as you might require. At any time, you can click on the key words and learn more. If this does not answer your specific questions, Pastor David would be happy to receive your call at (970) 581-5770. He's easy to talk to.  God bless you as you explore this part of our website.

Historic Roots:

In broadest terms, we hold to the mainstream, historic teachings of the Word of God. We are an independent, Christ-centered church, which is Biblically based and spiritually alive. We welcome people from many church backgrounds, or no background at all. Begun in 1892, and having moved and renewed itself many times, Christ Center today enjoys a 12-acre campus at the corner of Lemay and Drake, across from Parkwood Lake.

Bible Based: 

We are conservative in doctrine, yet liberal in love. Together, we seek to know God on terms acceptable to Him, that is, on the basis of His own Self-disclosure called the Bible. We strive each week for an authentic encounter, and a deepening relationship, with God. For this, we welcome the full working of the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.  After all, the Holy Spirit is the One Who inspired the writing of the Word, and is present to guide and empower every true believer.

"Pleromic" Unity: 

We are both Evangelical and Charismatic. The term "pleroma" means "fullness." We pursue the fullness of Christ. We seek Christ's fullness by embracing the fullness of the Word, as well as the fullness of the Spirit. We embrace both traditions without compromise. We are a laboratory to work out the healing between these two great church traditions. In other words, we draw from the biblical foundations of our "evangelical" roots, and maturely embrace the presence and power of the Holy Spirit from our "charismatic" roots. That's going to take additional explanation, so for more information click on "Why a 'Pleromic' Church?"

A Healing Place:

Christ Center is a healing place. We are not legalistic, but are full of God's grace and love for all people, even (and especially) struggling people. We do not claim to be a "perfect" church, but we have a perfect Lord and Savior, Jesus, and we press forward together to become more like Him. Jesus is the answer for every hurting heart. The way we serve Him is in this:
"We want to become fully devoted to Jesus, and to share His heart for people."

Church Life:

As to our active pursuits as a congregation, we focus on the Five Imperatives of Jesus, which we refer to as the "Five Rocks."  For Jesus to be Head of our church, we desire to give Him what He as asked for, namely, Worship (John 4:23-24), Prayer (Mark 11:17), the Word (Matthew 4:4), Community (John 15:12, 17), and Mission (Matthew 28: 18-20).

Unique Roll:

Finally, we believe in the broader "City Church." Every Biblical, Christ exalting church in Fort Collins is unique and important. Each contributes in a unique way to bring Christ to the city.  Please take time to click on Our Unique Role and learn of our calling as a partner church among many in Fort Collins.

"Why" Series: 

By now, you have discovered the "Why" Series we use here at Christ Center. Our pastor has carefully prepared training tools, usually limited to two pages, which explain what we believe, support it biblically, and show us how to apply our teaching in a practical way. He believes that doctrine is more than a mental assent to well-worded statements. Truth is to be lived. It must be practical. We are given the opportunity to be trained in the essential elements of our faith. If you are not overwhelmed by now, you may want to check out other helpful training tools in the "Why" series by clicking on the following additional links. Why Become a Christian?  Why Communion?  Why Baptism?